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Why CrossFit

Join us for the "Sport Of Fitness"

Fitness Level:

All Levels Welcome


60 Minutes

What is CrossFit?

If you have not experienced a CrossFit work out, you don't know what you are missing. The 'CrossFit' name can sometimes be intimidating but we offer variations for a workout that makes CrossFit an option for any fitness level. CrossFit is known for constantly varied trainings made famous for high-intensity functional movements, designed to improve  physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness. The style will make you well versed in numerous Olympic Lifts, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and Cardio Training. Proving to improve your overall ability to live life better than ever and prepare you for anything you may face. CrossFit Group classed are here to help motivate you and encourage you in a supportive enviorntment. All ages welcome with modifications provided by trained instructors.


Jared Waasdorp  |  Bri Demirci  |  Paul Mandell  |  Shawn Fuller  |  BB

Located at:

Strength & Conditioning Gym
162 Willow Street in Bishop

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