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Spinning Class

Burn Fat

Target Areas

Fitness & Endurance



The Benefits Of Spin

It's as easy as riding a bike!

Fitness Level:

Spin is perfect for all levels


60 Minutes

What Is Spin?

Join us for Spin, a high-intensity workout class, it is the perfect way to burn calories and boost your fitness level.


At Bishop Strength and Wellness Spin Class, our goal is to give you a low-impact workout that is fun and upbeat. All our instructors are certified and will help guide you with motivating music as you cycle. This class allows you to improve cardio endurance, lose weight and strengthen your legs and core. It is a great class for all fitness levels, you control the resistance and speed of your stationary bike, allowing you to ride at your own pace.

This class is perfect for anyone looking for a cardio workout but have limits with the impact that comes with jumping or running.


Kim Cost  |  Micky Carr  |  Jessica Hodges  |  Sarah Gillespie

Located at:

Fitness Center 
126 North Main Street in Bishop

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