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Jared Waasdorp

Jared was born and raised in Bishop California. Jared is certified as a CrossFit Level 1 Coach, USAW Weightlifting Coach, and Programming Coach. Jared has been training for the past ten years and helping others obtain their goals in life, in the gym, and on the streets. 

Lea Belgarde

Lea was born and raised in Bishop California. Lea is known for her love of animals and is a well-known equine specialist. Lea loves to share her passion of exercise to anyone willing to listen. Lea is certified in Pulse Electro Magnetic Field therapy. PEMF is widely known for its therapeutic results in human wellness and injury recovery. 

Paul Mandell

Paul is a certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and holds his MS Degree in Kinesiology. Paul specializes in the outdoor athlete with a strong reputation within the rock climbing community. Paul utilizes his years of education and training experience to teach the basics needed for a healthier lifestyle to become a stronger athlete. Sport specific, experienced, and dedicated. 

Micky Carr

Micky is a dedicated coach who was born and raised in Bishop, California. Micky has over 40 years of experience in personal training, coaching, and helping others. Micky is certified in Spin with 15 years of pedaling experience. She carries certificates in Water Aerobics, AFFA Group Fitness, and ICG Power Cycling. Micky strives to inspire others no matter what age they are, or fitness level, and to make it as fun as she possibly can!

Kimberly Kost

Kim began as a student in a Spin Class over 20 years ago! Kim loved the workouts so much she pursued becoming an instructor. Kim has been teaching Spin for over 15 years and hold certificates as Level 2 Advanced Spinning Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, and an ICG Color Certification. Kim is excited to help and motivate anyone willing to learn.

Jessica Hodges

Originally from Southern California Jessica moved to Mammoth Lakes, California in the early 90's and fell in love with the Eastern Sierra. Jessica began her personal training career with Snowcreek Athletic Club. Jessica has held certifications through American Council on Exercise in Group Fitness, Spin, Cycle-Fit, Cardio Kickboxing, HIIT, and Youth Programs. Jessica is a USAW Weightlifting Coach and current Group Class instructor. Jessica believes that if you "take care of the body the mind will follow!"

Kelly Ludwick

Kelly was born in raised in Bishop California and developed her love for fitness in the 80's at her mom's studio called the Fitness Firm. Kelly obtained her Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology from Westmont College. Kelly has experience in weightlifting, group classes, and Boot Camp/HIIT Training. Kelly works with many local youth for sport specific training for the high schools volleyball team and soccer team. Kelly is a firm believer that the right kind of fitness workout, done properly can lead to a heathier, functional lifestyle. 

Shawn Fuller

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Gym Mascots

Bolt and Bear are the love and inspiration of Owner Lea Belgarde. If you see the puppies around the gym, they will love to play fetch. The wellness the friendship of an animal brings will always be a powerful source of healing. 


Service for the people

Training is a skill that is developed over time. The art of helping others obtain their goals can be a challenge in itself. Providing motivation to others for their own improvement is the most difficult task a trainer can face. Bring what effort you have to the table and we will do the rest. The hardest part of starting is simply showing up. 

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