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Workout Lesson

Introduction to Fitness

The new year is a time for us to hit the refresh button. If you are ready to change your habits to create a healthier you, this is the right program to get you started. Bishop Strength and Wellness is offering an Intro to fitness that is designed to help provide you with long term tools essential to success in strength gain, weight loss, and mental fortitude.



             CLASS STARTS JANUARY 8TH            


Why will you benefit?

You will learn how to safely lift weights in six weightlifting movements, learn proper technique in core strength training, and proper form in body weight movements. With group class instruction by certified trainers your technique will be closely monitored and proper instruction for improvements will be offered.


What is the Schedule?

January 8th - February 5th, 2024

  • Group Classes will be held every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at
    7:30pm - 8:30pm (length may vary).

  • Nutrition Classes

    • January 13th at 10AM

    • January 27th at 10AM

  • EVOLT 360 Body Scan Analysis
    All participants complete a body scan analysis at the beginning and the end of the program. Best results will win a prize!


What Is Included In This Course?

  • Four weeks group class personal training taught by certified instructors.

  • Two in-house instructed nutrition classes taught by our registered Dietician.

  • Access to our food logging app to track your nutritional needs and count calories.

  • Body Scan Analysis utilizing the EVOLT 360 Scale to closely monitor, and track, your success. Find out more about EVOLT 360


How Much Does It Cost?

$200 (Value of $330)

Fee includes: $100 Group Class Membership Fee (access to any of our classes), $130 Nutritionist Fee, $100 Training Fee Exclusive Small Group class setting, use of Evolt 360 Scale and access to eating habit apps.

How Do You Sign Up?

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